Hip-Hop Praise with DJ Ronnie Ron

Transformation Radio 12:2 | Culturally connected, Scripturally set-apart

Join us for lunch and the "Hip-Hop Praise" show with @ronnieron2k on Transformation Radio 12:2!!! Tune in to #that21stcenturypraise with DJ Ronnie Ron as he brings you "flavor for the Savior" while you enjoy your lunch, its a double portion of food for thought!!! You can check us out on transformationradio122.com, Live365.net, TuneIn website or app and iTunes Radio. If that wasn't enough you can download the NEW Transformation Radio 12:2 mobile app for your iOS and Android device listen that way as well, so whether you're out and about or just chillin you can tune into transformationradio122.com whenever and wherever you like!!! #dopemusic #hiphoppraise #musicwithamessage